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Curtipieles C.A. is a company with a long family tradition, founded near Barquisimeto, Venezuela in 1980. It´s main activities are related to the tannery for the shoe industry.

The production is divided in Caprine and Bovine. According to it´s tradition, the main purpose is to fulfil with all the requierements of our clients following the constant fashion and quality changes.
Our company since 1988 is dedicated to export bovine and caprine leather in Wet Blue to foreign markets like: Italy, Hong Kong, Turkey and Mexico, among others,
In the national market, in Caprine we have:
- Colour lining, Nappas and vegetable lining.

In Bovine we provide:
- Painted sole leather, Natural sole leather, Smooth sides, Nappas and lining.
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given us the chance to be one step forward in the different processes required in the tannery industry..